We stand in favour of dignified and equitable legislative praxis on European level so forcibly displaced people would have right protection and inclusion in our society assured.


In JRS, advocacy involves empowering forcibly displaced people to claim the rights to which they are entitled, and assisting them to exercise those rights. This involves promoting the rights of refugees and forcibly displaced persons; lobbying for governmental and institutional action to address root causes of forced displacement; and working towards sustainable and durable solutions. Advocacy also includes activities to enhance public perception of refugees and forcibly displaced persons, and their integration.

All European JRS Offices strive to that goal and with close cooperation identified major problems of refugees in Europe. Using joint knowledge’s and experience we are directly advocate to the national representatives in EU institutions.

JRS advocacy builds upon synergies among forcibly displaced people: JRS team workers and others who serve refugees; academics; human rights advocates; the public who support our work; and, in some instances, government and UN officials. We share the common hope that all those who have been forced to flee may regain the opportunity to live in freedom and dignity.