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The youngest beneficiaries of the Integration House „Pedro Arrupe“
The two youngest boys entered the Arrupe House hesitantly, hiding behind the elder ones (as it turned out, they were relatives). All the children from this group arrived in old [...]
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Volunteer’s Story
I decided to have the experience in JRS House in order to have a direct experience with the migrants: every day I hear from the news stories on migrants
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Activities that marked the World Refugees Day in JRS Serbia
As the part of upcoming World Refugees Day, JRS organized excursion for children and boys residing in the Arrupe House, a shelter in Serbia.
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Playful boy that everyone loved
He had long thick hair and big black eyes with prominent eyelashes, and his facial features were so refined that one would think he was a girl, if he were [...]
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The work challenge, or a review of the JRS Social Worker
By observing reality as it is, and not as we would like to see it, as social workers we encounter stories that only life can tell.
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Spring in the Belgrade Office
Explore our work during March 2023
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Strengthening role of education towards integration of refugees in the local and school communities
JRS is strengthening role of education towards open, inclusive, and intercultural society of Serbia, by formation of values of schoolchildren and youth necessary for life and work in modern and [...]
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Support to refugees from Ukraine
JRS Serbia is implementing support and integration of the Ukrainian refugees in Serbia. In addition, we are strengthening atmosphere of welcoming in the local communities and in the school communities [...]
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End of year meeting with the Ministry representatives – Retrospective of 2022 and plans for…
JRS Serbia has a long cooperation with the Ministry, moreover, project of Integration House “Pedro Arrupe” was started in 2017.
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The experience of children refugees and migrants in (in)formal education in Serbia
JRS Serbia has been recognized for years as an important factor in the field of education of children refugees and asylum seekers.
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September 2023
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