Improving the living conditions of refugees in Serbia
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This area of support will focus on improving position and access to government services for refugees of both genders, especially to vulnerable families with children, and for UASC who are accommodated in refugee camps in Serbia or living in a government facility.
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Improving the living conditions of refugees in Serbia

We work to support the refugees stranded in Serbia, and to those who applied for asylum, as well to those who remained out of asylum system.   

The first focus is on unaccompanied and separated children accommodated in JRS Integration House “Pedro Arrupe” in Belgrade. The House is still the most visible activity of JRS in Serbia and the integrational activities in this house are recognized from all stakeholders. Integration House “Pedro Arrupe” is established place for visits, consultations and meetings of almost all stakeholders in the segment of protection of children refugees.

The beneficiaries of the Integration House will continue to receive full spectrum of psychosocial and integrational support services.

Educational and Integrational activities are recognized as the examples of good practice among all stakeholders.  

We will make gradual transition from the Integration House activities to the activities directed to Strengthening of Integrated Protection System for refugees in Serbia. This (second) area of support will focus on improving position and access to government services for refugees of both genders, especially to vulnerable families with children, and for UASC who are accommodated in refugee camps in Serbia or living in a government facility. JRS has planned set of activities in facilitating of integral support of all stakeholders in the field of support to refugees. Focus will be on the rights of most vulnerable refugees in Serbia: UASC and families with children in asylum/integration process. Positive changes accomplished for these specific sub-groups of project beneficiaries, will be subsequently applied to all other categories of refugees. 

Workgroups, round tables and community actions on fighting xenophobia will be implement in partnership with government and NGO stakeholders. Public education and socialization of refugees and domestic population will be integral part of each public happening and community action, since absence of information is creating fear of people from different cultural background.

With experienced team who is working directly with unaccompanied minors since 2016, JRS have the capacity to provide trainings to employees of key actors on the field. Our experience will give us a good position to advocate for the other aspects like education, community-based services and better legal protection.

The sharing of own experience and improving of the Integrated Protection System for Refugees in Serbia will be one of the focus in coming days.

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