Transitional Accommodation for Youth Asylum Seekers
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Location:Belgrade, Serbia
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Transitional Accommodation for Youth Asylum Seekers (started in July 2021) interlocks with our Integration House project as the logical continuation of support to target group of children and youth refugees. Transitional accommodation (social housing allocated specifically for asylum seekers) is not yet present in Serbia, which is discouraging many youth refugees and asylum seekers to find a job and to start independent living in Serbia. Low level of integration support, insufficient information for migrants and refugees accommodated in the refugee camps in remote areas of Serbia and missing of transitional accommodation (housing) and individual integration plans, remain the main reasons for giving up of initial intention to stay in Serbia. Problem is especially hard for young asylum seekers who are growing up from childhood (teenage) to youth and need to start independent living in Serbia. Integration opportunities for asylum seekers are weak, and our integration program will increase their chances to successfully integrate into Serbian society.

To efficiently cover main fields of integration of asylum seekers JRS team is implementing following activities:

  • Establish housing units as a safe dwelling place,
  • Teach Serbian language classes for asylum seekers,
  • Provide access to education and strengthening of IT skills,
  • Assist in employment,
  • Provide access to Health Care,
  • Implement Social mentorship activities,
  • Inform refugees and asylum seekers,
  • Provide intensive socialization,
  • Lobby and advocate for the rights of the refugees and asylum seekers in Serbia.
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