Spring in the Belgrade Office

Explore our work during March 2023

Director of JRS Europe Alberto Ares, SJ, paid a first visit to JRS Serbia. Accompanied with JRS South-East Europe Stanko Perica SJ, they visited Integration House “Pedro Arrupe” and Transitional Accommodation apartments for youth asylum seekers in Serbia. Team meeting was held in a friendly atmosphere and continued joint dinner with staff and beneficiaries.

Twenty-nine teachers from Aleksinac region have gathered to learn more on tolerance, interculturality, and rights of refugees on our 2nd seminar of promotion of integration of refugees in the school communities.

JRS continued to provide material support to Ukrainian refugees in the private accommodation, in the larger and smaller places of Serbia. They will use cash cards to buy medicaments and to cover some basic livelihood needs. In addition to material support, we started online classes of the Serbian language for the Ukrainian refugees. Online lectures were necessary since the beneficiaries are in different places of Serbia. Initial group of 20 persons is created. We expect more participants, and creation of additional learning group.


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